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 Estim Power Boxes & Other Electrical Toys  

3.5mm Mono Y-Splitter - 20% Discount

Regular price: $6.95  Sale price $5.55


1" Round TENS Pads

Regular price $6.95 


TENS Pads Package of 4 - 2" x 2", 1.5" x 1.5" and 2" x 4"

What size do you want?
Buy one package, get the second for 1/2 price:

Regular price $8.95 

Audio Signal Output Tester - 3.5mm Audio Jack

Regular price $8.95 


Out of Stock - Series 2B A/C Adapter/Converter 110 - 240 Volt

Regular price $29.95 


Enhance Breast and "Other" Stimulator Pkg w/TENS Pads

Regular price: $43.95  Sale price $29.95

TENS3000 with 2 Free Chokers

Regular price $38.95 


ErosLink Software for the ET-312

Please Indicate for Windows or a Mac

Regular price $49.95 


Ultima 5 a/k/a TENSAA TENS Unit - With 2 Free Choker's

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Regular price: $59.95  Sale price $49.95

Intensity 5000 - Hybrid w/a/c Adapter, Choker and Strangler

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Regular price: $69.95  Sale price $62.95


Nocturna Rose Vibrating Silicone Electro G-Seeker

Regular price: $90.00  Sale price $68.95


E-Stim Stytems Digital Link Cable Set for the 2B

Regular price $69.00 

Starter Kit with Probe or Urethral Insert and Choker (Loop)

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Regular price: $89.00  Sale price $69.95


Vib-Stim Bi-Polar Silicone Plug with Power Box by Rimba

Regular price: $89.95  Sale price $78.95


I-Therapy Unit with Massage Mode & Two Choker's

Regular price $99.95 

ElectraStim "Flick" Electro Stimulation Pack EM60-E

Regular price $138.95 


4 Channel TENS/EMS Combo TwinStim Plus 2nd Edition w/Choker's

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Regular price $147.95 


New - TwinStim Plus 3rd Edition w/Russian Stim w/Choker's

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Regular price $147.95 

E-Stim Systems, Ltd Remote Unit with Motion Sensor

Regular price $259.95 


P.E.S. Power Box for Electro-Stimulation

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Regular price $268.95 


NEW electrastim - Flick Duo

Regular price $268.95 

Out of Stock - Nobra Twincharger Penis-Pulsator

Choose Analog or Digital Model:
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Regular price $299.95 


ET 232 Power Box With lead & free Choker & Strangler

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Regular price: $339.95  Sale price $314.95


ElectraStim "Controller" Remote Controlled Stimulation System

Regular price $327.95 

Folsom PSG-MAX Power Box

Regular price $369.95 


The SensaVox EM140 from ElectraStim w/Choker's

Indicate Shipping Location Below:

Regular price $384.95 


ET-302 Two Channel Remote Controlled E-Stim Unit w/Chokers & Lead

Regular price $398.95 

Out of Stock - Series 2B with Free a/c Power Adapter

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Regular price: $429.90  Sale price $399.95


Out of Stock - Complete EStim Systems Series 2B Power Box Kit

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Regular price: $498.90  Sale price $448.90


QuattroTM II Professional 4-channel Stimulation Unit

Regular price $529.95 

ErosTek ET-312b Power Unit

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Regular price $595.00