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10 Discount!! - Nobra Twincharger - Twin Motor Penis-Pulsator
NOTICE:  Nobra is now able to get the Twincharger shipped with 4 - 5 weeks after catching up on the backlog of order they had.  The Twincharger is shipped directly to you from the Nobra  manufacturing facility in Germany.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.
In addition to the prices shown for an Analog or Digital model, make sure you use the applicable shipping below in the Drop-Down box.
NOTE: Since each order is sent to Nobra in Germany for placing into their production schedule along with all their other product orders,  once you order one of these devices, we cannot cancel the order.  It becomes difficult for us, as well as Nobra to get the communications turned around quick enough for them to reschedule and alter their production schedules.  So, make sure that when ordering, you definitely want and are committed to get one of these devices.

Also NOTE that your package will be sent by DHL Express.  DHL Express will not deliver to a PO Box!!  Please furnish a physical address when you place your order or the Twincharger cannot be delivered to you.

That being said, read what this device can do to you!!

The Twincharger by Nobra Silicone Dreams is definitely a one of a kind and unique male masterbation device.  You have to feel it perform to believe it. :)
Another recent review by a customer (Ron) on October 12, 2023: 
This product is absolutely amazing!
The intensity it brings.
The beautiful craftsmanship.
The ease of use. 
Adjustments at the turn of a knob.
Mind blowing orgasms
It definitely has an earth quaking vibration.
It comes with a very nice case, which was a nice surprise. 

This machine is very well built, easy to clean and use.
Just a great design and fits perfectly.
Well worth the wait and cost. This is a top of the line high quality item.
I look to having more fun with it in the future.

Now, check this out!  A Penis-Pulsator with double-Engine interference drive assemblies.
Watch these videos of folks who have used and submitted their Twinchargers doing their job.  :)  Mr. Happy will definitely thank you!!



You will find other videos with this link:
If you browse the web for male stimulation products, have most likely "cum" across this amazing device.  Now you can have one too.  Equipped with heavy-duty, independent twin ball-bearing motors this unit will satisfy you to your wildest dreams.  The solid silicone that houses the motors is made from Elastosil that is very durable and impervious to most compounds found in lubricants.  The upper silicone masage tips or fingers, together with precise control adjustments for each motor, allows you select the perfect speeds to fulfill your wildest ride ever.  In addition, with the digital control box, you have several movement and vibration pattern options available.
NOTE: The price shown is for the Analog Model.  The Digital Model is $80.00 more. Packaged weight is 8 pounds.  Due to the postage price increases and the weight of this product, Shipping to the USA is an additional $40.00For overseas orders, those shipping costs from Germany to your country is shown in the Drop-Down Box below.  Although the shipping in the Drop Down box shows $35, approximately another $8.00 will be added to the total at checkout to make the total approximately $45.00.  We had to do this due to the hard-coded shipping in the checkout program.
Please indicate the Analog or Digital Model and shipping destination in the Drop-Down Box below.
The a/c adapter is made for 110/240 Volt operation.  It comes with a European plug-in, but USA and Canadian customers are furnished with an adapter for USA wall outlets for your convenience by Nobra.
NobraTwincharger/Twincharger-4.jpg   NobraTwincharger/NobraDigitalControl-1.jpg
Shown with Digital Control Box - Control Box batteries are placed in bottom compartment
NobraTwincharger/Twincharger-3.jpg   NobraTwincharger/NobraAnalogSupply-1.jpg
Shown with Analog Control Box - Batteries are placed in the bottom of the control box
The outstanding stimulating effect of the Twincharger is based on Nobra’s innovative double-vibrations interference effect. The separate and intense adjustable vibrations of the two 12 volt engines overlap by mechanical couplings along the solid base of the Twincharger and your penis, through which it generates an enormously strong pulsation and variability effect by mutual periodical reinforcements and recession. Experience twitches depending on adjusted difference in rotational speeds and feel complete intensity, it flutters and taps wildly and orgasmically.  This device is a real milking machine! You will be absolutely, comfortably and pleasantly aroused with endless possibilities, enjoying the ultimate and completely exhaustive hands-free orgasm.  

Orgasmic vibration: 
The powerful vibrations of Nobra’s vibrators are produced by robust ball bearings and 12 volt DC motors. They prepare this drive with a severe imbalance and a robust housing.  All of their toys give very pleasant and pleasurable stimulation with a strong depth penetration.  It is virtually inaudible despite their higher, greater performance motors!  The only overtone of sound will be the slapping and massaging of your cock. 
The secret addition: curing of the silicone

The body of Nobra vibrators and dildos are manufactured from solid pure silicone rubber.  Here they use  Elastosil.RTM ® , the best available rubber variety. It is a so-called, addition-curing type, with excellent elastic- mechanical characteristics and special thermal and chemical resistance.  Only addition-curing silicone reacts without release of by-products and is therefore completely odorless.
Platinum as a reaction accelerator, opposite to heavy metal compounds in other types of silicone and is another advantage. For reagents, products and heat decomposition products (>300° C) of Elastosil.RTM ® there is no indication of any allergenic, mutagenic, carcinogenic or toxic effects.

Due to their solid construction, Nobra vibrators are elastic, flexible, stable and waterproof.

Artistic design and perfect finish:

Nobra attaches particular importance in the design of their vibrators and dildos (yes they also make dildos).  Their dildos are on the one hand, the phallic forms, typically sculpted beautifully and with a pronounced knoll for a natural fit and tactile sensation found in the category ' default ', on the other hand we have for specific applications, special forms to be found in the category ' special'.  Due to a specially developed process and the exclusion of solvents of any kind, coupled with a particularly complex manufacturing process they achieve unparalleled seamless and mirror-like surfaces that look like polished glass or polished gems.

The digital control panel is available for all Nobra vibrators (NobraControl 2 0).
Enhanced Options for the Digital Control Unit:
Operating Options for the Digital Model:

Tip buttons (the fingers at the top of the pulsator) are used for the fully-electronic 'NobraControl'  and allows for an extremely variable, rhythmic timing, as well as bluetooth connectivity and control through the computer, cell phone/smartphone and the Internet. The variable parameter for the tip button-controlled pulse are its wavelength and amplitude, as well as the exchange between the waveforms 'Rectangle', 'Sine', 'Saw-tooth left' and 'Right sawtooth'.

In addition you can retrieve up to three more complex 'stimulation sequences'. 
For these stimulation sequences the software NobraControl provides 2.4 an editor, allowing a totally free programming and then you can pass it to the internal memory of the digital control.  Other modules of the software ' NobraControl 2.4′ allow more sophisticated control options, including for example, the control over sound. For control of all borders across via's Internet serves the software 'traviesadora'. Bluetooth also allows a simple remote control (approx. 12 m range) app on smartphone or mobile phone.

Use the NobraControl switch to 'I'. (When you turn the unit on, there is a delay of approx. 5 seconds until the control LED changes from red to green (vice versa in the ' bluetooth invisible mode ', see below).  Once  the power supply unit is connected, the power supply is switched automatically and without interruption by battery power supply mode.  The rotary knob adjusts the overall intensity of the rhythmic pulsation of the vibration generated manually via the buttons or via computer control. The Tip buttons control the unit in 'stand alone' operation.  
From left to right when looking at the LED here is what you can do:

Pulse Width button 2 extends the pulse width and pressing button 3 reduces distance min max.  Button 4 extends (the Basic setting of the min-max distance (the amplitude of the pulsating rhythm) is set for a vibration uniform at the start of to 0, after the first turn so this button first serves to achieve a pulsing) buttons 1 & 2 pressed together switch the pulse shape: Sine, sawtooth left, right sawtooth, rectangle buttons 1 & 3 together button.  Save the current setting for the next reboot (LED lights up briefly orange. Now, the NobraControl lets you get started with the setting you saved.

Buttons 3 & 4 together call three stored routines, previously saved on the computer as programmable sequences sequentially.  Pushing keys 1 & 4 together are used to toggle between bluetooth visible or-unsichtbar mode. Switching each only becomes valid when you turn the unit on the next time: visible mode indicated by green light, invisible mode red light computer control: the connection to the computer via Bluetooth. To switch the NobraControl on and check the device with the Bluetooth Manager and establish a connection. PIN: 1-2-3-4 (via windows PC software can be changed) the control of the vibrator can be now taken over by the computer.

Computer control: The connection to the computer via Bluetooth. To switch the NobraControl on and check the device with the Bluetooth Manager and establish a connection. PIN: 1-2-3-4 (via windows PC software can be changed)
The control of the vibrator can be now taken over from the computer. As programs are available:

' NobraControl 2 0′ with modules to the rhythm and sound control and to create the stimulation sequences.


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Choose Analog or Digital Model:
Shipping to the USA or Nobra:

Regular price: $279.95  Special price $251.95

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.