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Below are just a few of the many comments we receive from actual customers' emails to us.

I want to thank you so much for your help. I love your products as well as your excellent customer service. I will definitely be ordering again soon!

Hi Gary, I wanted to leave a product review but didnt find a place to do so. I just say thank you for your business. I received both items and I have to say that I made a great purchase. The choker and strangler silicone straps are AMAZING! Never thought I would experience such intense orgasms.

thanks again,


Hi Gary.

I appreciate your kind actions.

You certainly make it easy to form a nice impression of your business practices. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend.



Thanks, Gary. 

I appreciate your attention to this.
From the boards on Smartstim, you and your partner have a reputation for fair and honest dealing with your customers. That reputation seems to be justified.


Hey Gary..
I recieved my kit ...all I can say is OMG...that is the most incrediable sensation I have ever felt. It was cool the way the tingling continued after I turn off the box.  Man ..it took my breath away...shaking all over....lol
I'm glad I bought my kit.
Take care,

Gary, greetings:  You're really quite amazing doing
all this "customer" service".  I've NEVER  been able
to actually have contact with someone, a vendor, who
actually responds in detail as you have done. It's a rare
occurence. It still amazes me that so much is spent
advertising and so little attention to customer service,
whether in person or thru websites.
Keep up the good work, and hopefully you'll also have
monetary rewards.  Cheers, Van

"Gary is the stimmer's best friend! With a great selection of products, fast delivery, and helpful information, HappyStim is a dream to deal with. As a business owner myself, I particularly appreciate his commitment to customer service."



Customer Comment about our Conductive Sheeting.

"I used a
 one inch by 6 inch strap tied around the base of my cock and balls, tying both ends together with a stainless steel paper clip and alligator clip.  I was amazed by how this felt! Very smooth and even sensations, even with no lube at all!  I then folded it in 2 lengthwise and wrapped it around my corona and still the same fine sensations. I luv this material!" 

I received the order yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the free
gift. Your merchandise, service and generosity are untouchable. You
will be receiving my next order soon....


Thank you for great service and excellent communication! I look forward to receiving my order and doing future business with HappyStim!





It was a breeze.

Thanks again for your attention to this order.

Keep your store expanding! Great product and great service is the key! I’ll be back.



Hi Gary,
Thanks for the update, it is nice to see a business such as yourself that takes the pains to let their customers know what is going on. I really do appreciate that nice touch. I've seen some of your other products which I do plan on ordering at a later date and your concern for your customers makes me all the more happy to do business with you.
Take care and again thanks,