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SensaVox EM140 from ElectraStim w/Choker's

Now includes the Free Loops
The ElectraStim SensaVox Em140 Erotic Electro Stimulator is a high power, high specification, multi-program digital stimulator developed specifically for the connoisseur. 

A member of SmartStim.com recently posted a complete review on several of the most popular power boxes and rated this one as being very good.  If you would like to read a thorough review on this product you can simply go to the SmartStim web site (membership is free) and click on the post listed below or copy and paste the URL to your web browser.

Note: This post is several pages long.  You wil have to go back a page or two to view the SensaVox review.


Watch the Instructional Videos by Clicking on the picture:  Part 1 and Part 2 are separate videos.

webassets/EM140-Vid-1.jpg   webassets/EM140-Vid-2.jpg

Key features include:
  • High Intensity "Truly Isolated" Dual Channel Output
  • Optimal Multi-Turn Digital Power Control
  • Output Boost Feature
  • Economy Power Saving Mode for Prolonged Battery Life
  • Multiple Modifiable Stimulation Programs
  • SensaVox Audio Input
  • Safety Features
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Durable Control Panel
Multi-Turn Digital Power Control


The output intensity of each channel is controllable from level ‘0’ to ‘99’ with positive ‘click’ single step increments. Utilising digital encoder technology means that over four full rotations are required to increase the intensity to the maximum level, ensuring a smooth comfortable climb - although few, if any, can go all the way! All other similar products go from zero to maximum intensity in a mere three quarter rotation, leaving very little margin for adjustment error. The output intensity of the Em140 is therefore over 5 times more controllable than conventional methods.
Having two channels also means you can use two bi-polar accessories at the same time - all on your own or share with your partner!


"Truly Isolated" Stimulation Outputs

The stimulation outputs on the ElectraStim SensaVox are "Truly Isolated". Many other dual channel stimulator's pulse both output channels simultaneously. The problem with this is that if the electrode contact and hence stimulating current varies due to an electrode being moved, whether intentional or not, an undesirable current surge occurs in the other channel! The SensaVox pulses its output channels alternately and hence the output intensity of each channel is completely independent of the other - an absolute must, especially if two are sharing.

The "Modify" control


The Modify control has 72 positive ‘click’ positions (3 full rotations) allowing each of the built-in programs to be varied in some way, giving a much broader range of sensations. The way in which sensations are modified depends on the particular program selected.
When the Modify control has reached its minimum or maximum value the displays will flicker to indicate that no further modification is being made.
Modify is used to control the sensitivity when using audio features.


Boost Feature

For a fast and hard intensity increase you don’t have to turn the intensity control knob you can simply hit the ‘Boost’ button. Be warned - this increases the intensity level by 25% on both channels and may come in as a kick! When the button is released the intensity level will return to the original settings.

Economy Power Saving Feature

When using the external supply the LED displays will be at full brightness and constantly illuminated. When running on batteries the displays will be slightly dimmer and will automatically extinguish 15 seconds after the last control adjustment was made so as to prolong battery life. The red Effect LEDs will still glow when in ‘Economy Mode’ to give user feedback and as soon as any adjustment is made to any of the controls the displays will automatically come on again. To prevent Economy mode from activating press the Boost button whilst switching the unit on. Preventing ‘Economy Mode’ will eat your batteries faster!

Stimulation Programs


Due to embedded microprocessor technology the Em140 has stimulation programmes stored within its memory. You have full control over stimulation intensity and are easily able to modify each of the programmed effects by simply turning the 'Modify' multi-turn control.

The program selection buttons allow you to choose any one of the stimulation programs. Pressing either of the buttons will automatically reduce the output intensity to zero in preparation for a new program to start.

The program references can be found on the rear label as follows:


  • 1. Smooth
  • 2. Caress
  • 3. Swinger
  • 4. Burst
  • 5. Alternate
  • 6. Stepper
  • 7. Shooter
  • 8. Auto Climb
  • 9. Climax

SensaVox Audio Input Features


The Em140 allows the use of sound to ‘modulate’ or vary the stimulation parameters. This can be done via a microphone or line-in cable. The intensity displays will automatically reduce to zero when either of the audio modes are invoked and the Program display will change. To return to the built-in programs simply remove the audio connector and you will be reverted to the last selected program. Always begin audio modes with a low intensity setting, when the sound comes the stimulation will strengthen!

The SensaVox feature will automatically detect when the microphone or line cable are connected and switch the program display to either 'Mic' or 'Line' Program Mode. When in Audio mode you can select one of three different operating modes as follows:


  • 1. Channel 1 Modulate
  • 2. Channel 2 Modulate
  • 3. Channel 1 and 2 Modulate


Microphone Input
When the microphone is plugged in to the ‘MIC’ socket the Em140 will automatically go into ‘Microphone’ mode and the Program Display will show ‘A1’. This mode allows speech or music to vary the level of stimulation. The Modify control sets the amount by which the sound input will vary the level of stimulation i.e. when set to the minimum value (fully anti-clockwise) sound will have no effect on the stimulation level. When set to a medium value sound will have a nominal effect on the stimulation level etc. The higher the input volume the greater the effect it will have on the stimulation levels!

The microphone can either be plugged directly into the Em140 MIC socket or it can be extended with the line-in cable by utilising the female-to-female adapter.

The microphone sensitivity is set such that unwanted peripheral sound is not detected and therefore the intended sound source should be close to the microphone. Hold the microphone to your lips if using speech and you should notice the relevant "Channel Effect" LED brightness changing in sympathy with the detected sound input.
To increase the microphone sensitivity the foam cover may be removed.



Line Input
When the line in cable is plugged into the ‘LINE’ socket the display will automatically show ‘L1’. This mode allows special sound effects or music to vary the level of stimulation. The Modify control sets the amount by which the line input will vary the level of stimulation i.e. when set to the minimum value (fully anti-clockwise) sound will have no effect on the stimulation level. When set to a medium value sound will have a nominal effect on the stimulation level etc.
To utilise this feature you will need to connect the LINE cable to the 3.5mm headphone socket on a stereo system. If your stereo system has the ¼” jack socket you will need an adapter to convert the format. Before connecting the cable you will need to play a sound effect from the supplied CDROM or choose a track from your own collection that would make for interesting stimulation. Adjust the volume level to a reasonably low setting in order to start off with gentle variations, you can increase the volume and use the Modify control to up the experience when you’re comfortable with how it works and what it feels like.


Safety Features


Utilising digital technology allows us to include some very useful safety features. For instance when you switch the ElectraStim Em140 on, all power levels will automatically be set to zero regardless of where they were when it was switched off. Similarly when a different program is selected the stimulation intensity levels on both channels are automatically reduced to zero. The output intensity is also reduced to zero when the either of the SensaVox audio modes are invoked. On programs where stimulation alternates between channel 1 and channel 2 it is only possible to increase the intensity of a chosen channel when its output is active. This avoids unpleasant surprises when the channel becomes active again. The active channel will be apparent by the "Channel Effect" LED being illuminated. The intensity can be reduced whether the channel is active or not.
When the rate is increased to over 1 cycle per second using the Modify control the intensity levels can be increased whether the output is active or not.


Low Battery Warning

When the battery becomes discharged and requires replacing the Program Select display will intermittently show ‘Lo’. If the battery becomes heavily discharged the Em140 will automatically shut down if in use or will not switch on. Replacement battery type is 9V E-block/PP3, 6F22/006P/6LR61/6AM6/MN1604. Use a good quality Alkaline battery for optimal life and performance. Re-chargeable batteries are a great idea, one in use, one on charge and incredibly cheap long term.

High Quality User Interface

Our high quality interface overlay has embossed tactile control buttons which can be located simply by feel, frosted display windows, is constructed from durable reverse printed polycarbonate and securely held down with 3M adhesive - a hard act to follow!!

Comprehensive Kit Supplied:
  • The ElectraStim Em140 Dual Channel Digital Stimulator
  • World Compatible Universal Power Adapter
  • Premium Alkaline Battery
  • Stimulator Connecting Cables (x2)
  • Microphone
  • Audio Line In Cable
  • 3.5mm jack coupling
  • Instructions
  • Audio Effects CDROM
  • Sturdy Storage/Carry-case


Item #Em140

Regular price $419.00 

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