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SPECIAL - Ultima 5 a/k/a TENSAA TENS Unit - 2 Free Choker's
The Ultima 5 also known as the TENSAA - Features 5 Function Setting Instead of the Normal 3 Setting of Many TENS Units.  A great value for the money for those who want to experience sexual electro-stimulation. Kit comes with two FREE of our conductive loops - "Choker's"
Although T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) systems, also known as TENS Units, are designed to relieve both acute and persistent pain without shots, drugs or narcotics they can be and are used for erotic sexual stimulation to the genital areas. They send gentle, mild electrical impulses through the skin to the nerves to suppress pain by scrambling the pain signals before they reach the brain.  These gentle impulses when applied to the genitals actually excite the nerves causing erotic sensations that cause excitement and most times an HFO (Hands Free Orgasm).

Kit includes two FREE conductive loops so your ready to play right out of the box.
NOTE:  Canada and Overseas customer will have an additional $10.00 shipping fee added to the order.  Please use the Drop-Down Box below to indicate you location.
   This product is not sold here as a medical device, but as an adult toy.

webassets/Ultima5-1.jpg Front View webassets/Ultima5PicsSpecs-1.jpgTop View

webassets/Ultima5PicsSpecs-3.jpg      CockAndBalls/TwoChokersWithCordLocks.JPG
Items Shown above are Include with the Kit

Ultima 5 Digital T.E.N.S. Unit Specifications
OutputMaximum 130 mA (peak value) across 500 Ohm load
Pulse Width50 μS to 250 μS adjustable
Pulse Rate1 Hz to 150 Hz adjustable
Wave Form1. Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular
2. Mono-phasic rectangular
5 Modes5 Modes are available
  • Mode AConstant
  • Mode BBurst I - Two train per second, 250ms on, 250ms off; 25 pulses within one train, pulse width=200μS
  • Mode CBurst II - Two train per second, 250ms on, 250ms off; Pulse width & frequency are selectable
  • Mode DPulse width modulation - Pulse width modulated from 100μS to 250μS within 6 seconds
  • & then back to 100μS in the next 6 seconds. Pulse rate is selectable,
  • Mode E – Pulse rate and Pulse width Modulation - Frequency increase from 50Hz to 100Hz while pulse width decrease from 200μS to 60μS within 5 seconds.
Treatment TimerContinuous, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min selectable
Operation1.     When mode changes, the intensity will automatically go down to zero
2.     When the unit is turned on, it will automatically enter the mode that the unit had worked in before the unit was turned off

3.     When the pulse rate, pulse width or intensity is being adjusted, the auto-repeat function is available, when the key is held down over 1 second, it will automatically increased/decreased 1 step per 1/4 second
4.     When the batteries are low, the symbol of battery is flashing in 2 Hz indicating that the batteries should be replaced
5.     Automatic shut off: When the unit intensity levels are 0 on both channels, and it has not been in use for 5 minutes, the unit will be shut off automatically

Item #Ultima5

Canada and Overseas Customers:

Regular price: $69.95  Special price $48.95

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