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Out of Stock - Ball Crusher/Stretcher Device
When we ordered these devices, we had no idea what the actual product would look like and feel like in your hands, let alone hanging from a helpless set of balls.  Pictures speak louder than words?  Let me tell you, even a picure will not fully describe the effect of this ball press.  You have to actually hold it in your hand and let the 3#12oz. weight of this thing set in.  Then, when a visual picture sets in, OMG!!  If the UPS driver only knew what was in the box that he wrestled to the door!!  Who knows, he may have liked what he saw!!

CockAndBalls/ac551-ball-torture-chamber-bulk-opening.jpg  CockAndBalls/BallPress-1.jpg 

CockAndBalls/BallPress-5.jpg  CockAndBalls/BallPress-3.jpg

Make your sub beg with the heavy steel Ball Press Chamber. Secure the removable ring around their scrotum, then place their balls into the hollow chamber. Use the included hex key to lock the ring onto the end of the chamber and their boys are now enclosed in a cool steel cylinder. Now you are in control! As you slowly turn the T-handle, a steel disc inside the Press Chamber descends on their balls, gradually reducing the amount of space inside the cylinder. Warn them with a bit of gentle pressure, then maybe tighten things down some more for some more serious discipline. Get instant compliance to your slightest demand, every time, with the steel Ball Press Chamber!  For an even better reaction, connect a lead wire from your power box and we guarantee that things will get tense!!

Due to the weight of this item (almost 4 pounds), a $10.00 shipping fee must be added to the product for USA shipments and $25.00 for overseas shipping.  Please specify the destination in the Drop-Down Box below.

Product Description and Dimensions:

Measurements: 5 inch overall length, 3.03 inch external diameter, Ball Ring has 1.43 inch inner diameter, 0.62 inch thickness, Press Chamber has 1.88 inch max internal depth, 2.35 inch inner diameter

Material: Steel

Note: Includes hex keys. Use of this item can result in serious injury. Only consenting adults experienced with CBT play should purchase this item

Item #HDBallCrusher

Shipping Charge:

Regular price: $149.95  Special price $129.95

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