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Pump-n-Stim - Vacuum E-Stim Device
Taking old toys and teaching them new tricks is one of our specialties, as you have seen with our Stretch-n-Stim Device.  So, with some ingenuity, we figured out a way to add E-Stim while using a vacuum pump!!  By carefully drilling holes into the sides of a regular thick-walled acrylic vacuum tube and painstakingly threading and pulling conductive tubing into them to make them tight for a good seal, we have "cum" up with a device that not only keeps you hard, stretches the cock, but adds some current to the session.  Since these cylinders are air tight, they are also water tight when the one-way valve is released at the top of the cylinder.  So, this device is great for not only healthy folks, but for those who may have urine leakage due to prostate removal or other types of urinary situations.  It definitely solves some age old problems for esimmers with certain health conditions, another thing we try to keep in mind when developing new items.
NOTE: We assume that the purchaser has the necessary tubing, pump and male connector to operate these cylinders.  If you have them, great.  If not, you will find a few different pumps (hand and electric) in the vacuum and pump section of this web site.

Photo shows only one lead connected           Looking down the barrell at the tubing

NOTE: Leads shown in pictures are not included, but for illustration of connections only.  If you need lead wires with TENS pins or an adapter, please visit our Wires and Adapters Section.

Although it looks a little strange, this thing, with its 4 levels of conductive tubing contacts, will definitely do the trick.  Simply lube up with water based lube (only) feed your head into the soft silicone seal and slowly pump Mr. Happy into the tube positioning him just right as you get harder and harder.  The lead wires can be moved around as you see fit , using one or both lead wires to charge it up.  You can also use only one connection and connect the other lead wire to a surface electrode such as a TENS pad, another conductive loop around the balls or to a butt plug or prostate probe.  Each tier of conductive tubing can even be connected to make the entire section a single pole electrode with the use of one or more of our test lead wires with alligator clips on each end.  The connection and configuration possibilities will be left up to the user and his imagination.  Once hard, you can pop the one-way connection to your vacuum pump off and the vacuum will remain in the cylinder until you either replace the valve to the pump and release the pressure or break the seal at the bottom with your finger, letting the vacuum out of the tube.

A couple of words of caution and common sense here.  Follow the rules for pumping and don't pump too long at one time.  It is easy to go for a long session, especially when it feel so good!!  Too much vacuum on the penis for extended periods of time is not good for your penis.  Once you get pumped up and are hard and begin stimming, let some of the vacuum out of the cylinder and take some strain off.  The current in most cases, will keep you hard until you are done.  If you need to periodically pump up again, that's OK, just don't overdo it and use common sense!!  The pump will be ready for you the next time you have some playtime.  Too much of a good thing, like most things, is not good for you.  Additionally, too much vacuum in the cylinder could cause hairline cracks to develop around the holes where the conductive tubing is sealed causing air leakage.  Another thing you may notice if you overdue it, is that where the conductive tubing was pressed against the penis and side-wall of the cylinder, you may see a dark half-circle caused by the pressure.  This should go away once you are done within an hour or so.  Might mean you are using too much pressure or have a cylinder that is too small.

BTY - Once you get situated and your penis is where you want it, you can release the vacuum, unscrew the one-way valve on the top and use a small funnel and add some water if you like!!  Replace the valve, tightening it on the O-Ring securely and re-attach the pump vacuum line and re-pump to the desired pressure and release the valve to keep it at the level you want.  Be sure to keep the pumping cylinder upright when you re-pump!!  You don't want water being sucked up into your vacuum pump and ruining it. 

The picture below illustrates how the first tier of two conductive pieces of tubing would touch the head and side of the penis completing the circuit when you use both wires of a lead.  The two top two pieces of conductive tubing are connected to the other channel of you power unit, so when and if you get Mr. Happy that far up into the tube, another set of contacts will continue to liven him up using two channels.  You may or may not need to connect a second channel, you might just want to "daisy chain" the conductive tubing from one of the pieces of the lower tier to continue with one channel.  The tube in the picture is 2.25" in diameter and is 9" long, so there is plenty of room for growth. 

NOTE: Since these are custom made, we can place the tubing at whatever intervals you want on the cylinder.  It might be a good idea to measure yourself when hard to see where you might want the conductive tubing to touch the sides and head of the penis.  Measure from the base to the first position you want the first tier of tubing and then up to where you want the other three to be placed.  We can place the conductive tubing anywhere along the cylinder you wish and can use either 6x2mm or smaller 4x2mm as the electodes.  The smaller the diameter of the tubing, the more intense the current will feel.  You can send me an email (gary@happystim-usa.com) either before or after you order with these positions to make sure I get the holes in the right postion for you.  Otherwise, I will place them 2 inches apart and the first three will be of 6x2mm tubing and the top one using 4x2mm conductive tubing.  We want you to be happy with the tubing placement, so you enjoy the ride!!

Cylinders come in three sizes; 2", 2.25" and 2.75".  Please allow for the normal girth of your penis and then add about 1/2" to be sure you get a size that is not too small.  Use the Drop-Down box below to indicate the size you want.  Cylinder length are all 9 inches. 

Also note that there will be a $6.00 shipping fee to cover Priority Mail mailing.  This will automatically be added to the cost of the cylinder when you order.


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Regular price $89.95 

Concerned with placing your order online?  Call or Fax in your order.  Simply call 618-343-4344. If you wish to fax your order to us, please send all pertinent details including your credit card information and a copy of your order.  Thank you.