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CockSling - The Original
The CockSling has a little shorter ball stretcher than the NutSling with an added RING on the inside of it to keep your nuts in place and you don’t have to worry about ‘em slipping back up. If you want a little more stretch to the balls, we recommend the NutSling.

Made of the same amazing FLEX TPR as CockSling, the NuttSling has a super STRETCH that allows it to double in size.

OxBalls/NutSlingOriginal-StretchPic.jpg  Check out the stretch these have!!  Picture of SplitSling in full use after a pumping session.

OxBalls/CockSlingOriginal-Red.jpg  OxBalls/CockSling-ComboColor.jpg OxBalls/CockSling-OtherColors.jpg

Be sure to choose the color you want from the Drop-Down box below.

Item #CockSling

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Regular price $23.95 

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