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Series 2 Power Box from E-Stim Systems
Series 2

Finally after 2 years of development, E-Stim Systems is proud to bring you the ultimate in E-Stim technology...the E-Stim Systems Series 2. Designed from the bottom up as an E-Stim unit, the Series 2 offers ease of use and features seen on no other E-Stim unit until now.


The clear back-lit LCD display shows you exactly what your Series 2 is up to, no more funny codes! A built in help display guides you through mode selection, whilst the back light options allow visibility in the darkest dungeon.

13 Program modes

Not just the simple pulse and continuous modes, the Series 2 offers a range of sophistication not seen in any other E-Stim unit. Split modes, manual controls, programmed wave functions even a tickle function the Series 2 has it all.

Dual Isolated Channels

The Series 2 features 2 isolated output channels, with independent controls on each channel. The output LED's light up in proportion to the output levels.


The Series 2 will run in 2 power settings. Low power is similar to our current Series 1, providing an excellent introduction to E-Stim whilst the high power mode offers serious levels of output.

Unique Audio System

As well as a built in Microphone the Series 2 offers stereo processing, via a 3.5mm stereo input. Each audio channel is translated to a powerful pulsed output, again controlled by the independent channel outputs. An as an additional control it is possible to adjust the whole response of the audio processing system, providing a unique insight to stereo based E-Stim. Unlike other Audio stim units the Series 2 is designed to use normal audio sources.


With output channel isolation, built in power limiting and soft start controls, together with a design ethos that stresses safety at every stage the Series 2 is compliant with all of the major UK, US and European safety standards.


The Series 2 is the same size as our famous Series 1. Slip it into a play bag; it's all you need for electro pleasure.

With the Series 2 you are not just buying a box, you are purchasing a serious introduction into the E-Stim world, from a company that is dedicated to producing the best in E-Stim technology.

E-Box Series 2 Specifications:

Channels/Outputs - Dual Isolated Channels via 3.5 mm mono sockets.

Display - Backlit LCD with High Brightness LED’s indicating Channel activity.

Program Modes - 13

Audio Modes - 2

Audio - Internal microphone, stereo source via 3.5 mm Stereo 

Input Impedance - 33K

Input Sensitivity - 500mV

Controls - Independent controls for channel intensity, mode selection 
 and adjustment.

Output Waveform - AC

Power Supply - 2 standard 9 V alkaline (PP3)

Dimensions (Approx.) -145 mm x 80 mm x 50 mm  
(5-3/4” x 3-1/4” x 1”)

Weight (with battery)  - 400g

Supplied Accessories 
2 – 3 mm to 2 mm Output Cables

   4 – Self Adhesive Electrode Pads

   1 – 3.5 mm Stereo Input Cable

   1 – User Guide

Item #Series2PwrBox

Regular price: $349.95  Special price $319.95

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