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 New Items & Specials  

Clear Super Stretchy Cock Cover with Ball Ring

Regular price $7.95 


Leather Ball Stretcher & Testicle Splitter

Regular price $9.95 



What Color ??

Regular price $12.95 

1/8" Thick Rings - Tri-Ring With TENS Connection

Regular price $16.95 


Annex Clear Ball Splitter and Erection Enhancer

Regular price $17.95 



What Color Do You Want?

Regular price $18.00 

NEW - Conductive Silicone Catheter with Snap Connection

Choose the Diameter You Want:

Regular price $18.95 


Tri-Squeeze by OxBall's

What Color?

Regular price $22.95 


6mm Beaded Bi-Polar - 6 Inches Long

Regular price: $27.95  Special price $24.95

Combo E-Stim and Vibrating Urethral Insert

What Length Do You Want?

Regular price: $26.95  Special price $25.95


BallSling with Ball Splitter

Regular price $25.95 


Silicone Prostate Massager & Perineum Massager

Regular price $29.95 

Heavy Duty Steel Base Ring with Conductive Tube Insert

What Type of Connection?
Where are we shipping?

Regular price $29.95 


4 Strap Leather Cock Restraint

Regular price $29.95 


Wireless Remote with 2-Channel Mini Power Box - Leads, Loops, Pad

Regular price $39.95 

15 Piece Vacuum Pump Kit with Handy Carrying Case

Where are we shipping?

Regular price $49.95 


Chastity Cage with Estim - Includes Conductive Urethral Insert

Regular price $59.95 


Prison Bird Stainless Insert and Screw Locking Penis Ring

Regular price $69.95 

NEW - Rends Piston Heat IR - Stroker with Heating Element !!

Regular price $149.95 


3D Realistic Sex Doll

Regular price $375.00 

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